Surecote 200




Surecote 200 Solvent-Free Epoxy Floor Coating

Two-part epoxy coating, solvent free.

Gives a high build, glossy coloured coating with good wear resistance and durability, quick drying and very good adhesion.

Very good surface smoothing properties.


Suitable for application to a wide variety of floor substrates; usually concrete but including timber &, steel.


Good filling properties to smooth out pitted floors to give an even appearance.

Excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and petroleum products – refer to chemical resistance chart.

  • Very good abrasion and scuff resistance.
  • Good flow properties to help even out imperfections.
  • Solvent free, no odour
  • Tolerant of application to a slightly damp surface.
  • Finish reduces glare and reflection

Surecote 200 is available in many colours in the standard BS5252F, AS2700 and RAL colours (refer to Allnex colour chart). Special colours are available. VIEW SURECOTE 200 COLOUR CHART.

Surecote 200 has good resistance to a wide variety of chemicals with no fumes and is ideal for use in industrial, commercial, domestic, retail environments i.e:

  • Retail shops and commercial applications
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Refineries
  • Seamless, smooth hygiene floors
  • Sewerage Treatment plants
  • Food processing plants; food storage
  • Vehicle workshops
  • Construction and mining industry
  • Warehouses
  • Retail and display areas; vehicle showrooms, studios
  • Ablution areas
  • Residential garages and workshops
  • Chemical and oil industry
  • Silos
  • Pharmaceutical & cosmetic clean rooms; smooth hygienic finish.
  • Slip resistant floor finishes

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“Licensed Contractor for over 20 years”

EC Flooring Contractors have been a Allnex Licensed Contractor for over 20 years (now Allnex) and are competent installers of various Allnex coatings systems and floor toppings

During this period they have successfully completed numerous high profile projects including:
• Westfield Glenfield – Architectural Terrazzite
• Independent Liquor – Nuthane SB & Terratuff
• Auckland Hospital – Sureshield
• Various Restaurant Brands – Sureshield

Allnex will continue to support and recommend EC Flooring Contractors as capable and highly skilled applicators.

Michael Shen, Market Manager, Allnex Construction Products – April 2014

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