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Industrial & Commercial Flooring

EC Flooring Contractors Limited are “Gold Star” Licensed Flooring Contractors for Allnex Industrial and we have been working with Allnex products now in excess of 20 years.

Industrial and commercial flooring requirements are becoming increasingly stringent due to Health and Safety Regulations and we are right on the ball when it comes to Industrial and Commercial Flooring Solutions.

We can provide specialist systems that are fully bonded to concrete, are seamless, hard-wearing and are actively anti-microbial and become sterile and hygienic. These are safe, non-slip surfaces that reduce bacteria counts in flooring.

We have solutions for chemical resistant flooring and for occupations where very high and/or low heat is present like cool stores etc.

Many of our industrial and commercial floor solutions help define work-zones and most of our options have a high gloss finish which helps reflect light making an area safer and brighter.

Our products are AsureQuality (MPI) approved or certified by a similar authority.

Recommended for:

  • meat works, abattoirs, butchery floors,
  • bottling plants, breweries, food/beverage processing plants,
  • freezers/chillers/cool stores, dairy factory floors,
  • ablution /changing rooms or toilet blocks,
  • kitchens, laundries,
  • hospitals/surgeries pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • supermarkets (bakeries, fish, meat, deli),
  • sports facilities swimming pools and other wet areas
  • factories and warehouses etc

Allnex resin products

Download or View our Allnex License Certificate

“Licensed Contractor for over 20 years”

EC Flooring Contractors have been a Allnex Licensed Contractor for over 20 years (now Allnex) and are competent installers of various Allnex coatings systems and floor toppings

During this period they have successfully completed numerous high profile projects including:
• Westfield Glenfield – Architectural Terrazzite
• Independent Liquor – Nuthane SB & Terratuff
• Auckland Hospital – Sureshield
• Various Restaurant Brands – Sureshield

Allnex will continue to support and recommend EC Flooring Contractors as capable and highly skilled applicators.

Michael Shen, Market Manager, Allnex Construction Products – April 2014


Providing highly skilled, honest and reliable services; and quality “time tested” flooring products. Have complete peace of mind when dealing with us as we provide a workmanship guarantee on all services and have extensive warranties on products


Offering affordable and competitive prices for your flooring requirements. We have a healthy respect for competition and this keeps our pencil sharpened to offer you the best price. Our point of difference in addition is to provide a highly skilled, honest and reliable services


Our senior staff alone have in excess of 25 years flooring experience in addition to a collective pool of general construction, health and safety and energy efficiency experience. Our primary goal over the years is job consistency and quality thus all our staff are rigorously trained and equally skilled.

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