6mm Epoxy Based Floor Topping for Industrial Floors

Consists of a low-odour resin system and durable aggregates.

Trowelled to form an integral floor, wall, cove and drain system.

Hard wearing, chemically resistant, monolithic, non-skid and durable.

  • Solvent free – Very low odour during installation. Odour will not taint food products.
  • Low allergen – Less problems for staff sensitive to epoxy systems during application.
  • Natural Silica Quartz aggregate – Hard wearing, will not fade.
  • Tough & impact & scratch resistant. May be formed to create smooth coves and laid to falls and into drains.
  • Smooth or slip resistant options
  • Seamless
  • Chemical resistant
  • Impermeable and non-porous – Resistant to cracking, crazing and abrasion.
  • Easily cleaned/safe slip resistant finish options, complies with NZS3661 co-efficient of friction WET.
  • Low in-service maintenance cost.
  • Refer to separate chemical resistance chart.
  • Does not support bacteria or fungal growth.
  • Co-efficient of thermal expansion 10-5/mm/m/°C – 2.23

Nuplex Supascreed LA is available as Light Gold colour. A range of tinted colours are also available on request

  • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Flooring Interior/Exterior.
  • Areas subject to impact, abrasion, thermal shock and chemicals.
  • Food and chemical production areas, where appearance, durability and low maintenance are important.
  • Concrete repair.
  • Approved for use in food manufacturing plants by regulatory authorities.
  • Food, Brewing, Canning and general manufacturing areas.
  • Dairy Industry – Manufacturing, packing areas.
  • Meat Industry – Freezers, chillers and processing areas.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Confectionery and chocolate manufacturing.
  • Restaurant & hotel kitchens / laundries / bars
  • Supermarkets – Meat preparation deli areas
  • Prisons – Kitchens and ablutions
  • Hospitals, Ablution facilities in schools, shower bases for the disabled.
  • Kitchens: commercial floors in kitchen & Freezers & Chillers


Download or View our Nuplex License Certificate


“Licensed Contractor for over 20 years”

EC Flooring Contractors have been a Nuplex Licensed Contractor for over 29years and are competent installers of various Nuplex coatings systems and floor toppings

During this period they have successfully completed numerous high profile projects including:
• Westfield Glenfield – Architectural Terrazzite
• Independent Liquor – Nuthane SB & Terratuff
• Auckland Hospital – Sureshield
• Various Restaurant Brands – Sureshield

Nuplex will continue to support and recommend EC Flooring Contractors as capable and highly skilled applicators.

Michael Shen, Market Manager, Nuplex Construction Products – April 2014

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